Municipal Court

Getting a speeding ticket or other moving violation on a New Jersey street or highway isn't simply a minor inconvenience; it can have a lasting effect on your driving privileges and on your insurance rates, and it may add points to your driver's license. Not only that, but also a more serious violation, such as DUI, could lead to jail time, in addition to heavy fines, and losing your driver's license.

Cases such as these are heard in New Jersey in municipal court. Attorney Louis Charles Shapiro understands that taking these citations lightly can be a big mistake, which is why he represents people in municipal court throughout South Jersey.

A Traffic Ticket Lawyer You Can Depend On

A variety of cases are heard in municipal court, many of which involve traffic tickets. It may be tempting to simply plead guilty and pay a fine in these cases, but this is not always possible. Even if this is an option, it might not be advisable under all circumstances. Mr. Shapiro can advise you in cases such as:

  • Minor drug possession charges (such as possessing under 50 grams of marijuana)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while your license has been suspended or revoked
  • Other traffic violations such as failure to yield, improper passing and speeding

The mere fact that a case is heard in municipal court is not an indication that it is not serious. Having a driver's license revoked or suspended can affect your ability to get to your workplace, to pick up your kids from school and to enjoy the ability to use your car as you see fit. Driving without a valid license is not a viable option and can get you in further legal difficulty, so your best option is to work with a Vineland lawyer who can leverage his ability and experience to minimize the impact felt by you and your family.

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