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Debunking 4 commonly held divorce myths

Some people believe they fully understand the intricacies of the divorce process in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, many beliefs people have about divorce are not always accurate. Below are four of the most common myths people have about divorce proceedings.

1. My spouse does not have a claim on money in my own separate account

While many couples will choose to fully combine their finances, others opt to have some separate accounts in addition to a joint marital account. When preparing for divorce, you may believe that the money in your separate account is solely your money. That may wind up being true, but your spouse will have a claim to any increase that occurred during the marriage.

2. My spouses debts are not my problem

Not only do spouses share their assets, they also share their debts. Even if your spouse is the primary spender on a joint credit card, you will still be on the hook for a portion of any consumer debt incurred during your marriage.

3. I should wait to get a divorce until the kids grow up

Some couples may realize that divorce is their best option. Rather than going through and making a clean break, they instead choose to stay together until their children leave the house. Parents who make this decision only have the best interests of their children in mind. However, it can be healthier to go through with the divorce rather than exposing your children to your and your spouse’s arguments.

4. I should always settle with my spouse

It is great when spouses agree on many of the divorce decisions. This allows the couple to resolve their divorce amicably and efficiently.

In some instances, a settlement is simply not an answer, and the best way to defend your interests is to go to court. It is important to speak with an attorney who can analyze your case to determine whether going to court is necessary to help you accomplish your goals.

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