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How Does A Criminal Conviction Affect College Admissions?

It is your senior year and you are in the early stages of the college application process. However, a few years ago, you were convicted of a drug crime. While you have since turned your life around, you are worried how your criminal record will affect your academic future. Fortunately, a recent change in the college admissions process may decrease the impact that your criminal past will have and increase your odds of being accepted.

Removal Of The Criminal History Disclosure Requirement

Last month, The Common Application’s non-profit organization announced that they would no longer require applicants to disclose their criminal history. The Common Application allows prospective college students to apply to more than 800 colleges and universities worldwide without completing individual applications for each institution. This change will go into effect next year.

In the past, schools have given criminal convictions a significant amount of weight when making admissions decisions. However, if you apply using the Common Application in 2019, your criminal record will not play a role in whether you are accepted or denied. Likewise, some schools who do not accept the Common Application have already removed questions regarding criminal convictions.

Unfortunately, a criminal record can still affect areas of your academic career even if you are admitted.

Challenges Students With Criminal Convictions Face

It is important to consider what a criminal past means for you as a college student. Beyond admissions, you may not qualify to receive certain types of financial aid. Depending on the crime, you may also face barriers when applying for a job in college and after graduation, securing housing or even obtaining a car loan. These are all things to consider during the application process.

It is possible to have a juvenile record expunged. Consider speaking with an attorney to learn more about expunging your criminal record and how you can move forward with your college career after a conviction.

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