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What will I get to keep in my divorce?

Making the transition from married to divorced can be challenging for many reasons, including the financial obstacles that come with such a transition.

With this in mind, knowing what you will be able to keep in your divorce can be a top priority. While every case is different, there are some things you can likely keep in your divorce.

7 reasons to have a prenup (even if you aren’t a millionaire)

There is a common misconception that legal tools like prenuptial agreements are reserved for millionaires and celebrities.

In reality, though, prenups can protect people from all walks of life, whether you are young or old and whether you live an affluent or modest lifestyle. Below are seven reasons why you may want to consider having a prenuptial agreement, even if you aren’t a millionaire.

Is marijuana legalization heading to New Jersey?

With a new governor preparing to take office at the time of writing, one big item on lawmakers’ agenda is to decriminalize marijuana. While the substance is currently legal for medicinal purposes, there is a push to have it legalized for recreational use.

However, lawmakers’ plans to loosen marijuana laws may have hit a roadblock based on new developments from Washington.


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