South Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone close to you has been arrested or is awaiting trial in state court for murder, assault, a sex crime, robbery, a weapons offense or a drug crime, you know the challenges you face — a lengthy prison term, substantial fines, a criminal record, and strict probation or parole conditions upon your release, just to name a few of the many harsh consequences.

You do not have to surrender to this kind of bleak future. At the Vineland, NJ, law office of Louis Charles Shapiro, P.A., experienced criminal defense attorney Louis Charles Shapiro uses his more than 15 years of experience to preserve your liberties and livelihood after an arrest for a serious criminal offense in Cumberland County or the surrounding South Jersey counties.

In addition to a track record of success recognized throughout the region, Mr. Shapiro was named a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney by the New Jersey Board on Attorney Certification in 2009. He is highly familiar with how to investigate, negotiate, try cases and orchestrate persuasive appeals of convictions in appellate courts. When your work together has concluded, you will know that your rights have been protected by a poised, professional advocate committed to protecting your rights.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Offering Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights In New Jersey

As your lawyer, Louis Charles Shapiro safeguards your interests from arrest to outcome in felony and misdemeanor cases such as:

  • Homicide — In-depth investigation, tireless motion practice, suppression hearings and effective trial preparation
  • Weapons offenses — When charges arise out of alleged gang activity, weapons possession without a permit, weapons trafficking and felon in possession
  • Sexual assault — Including rape, domestic abuse and accusations of child molestation and endangerment
  • Robbery — Defense of charges including armed robbery, strong-arm robbery, carjacking, theft, burglary, trespassing and home invasion
  • Drug crimes — For persons charged with possessing, distributing, manufacturing, cultivating and importing controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs and party drugs
  • Juvenile crimes — Ranging from property crimes and disorderly conduct to disturbing the peace, underage drinking, theft and vandalism, as well as more serious charges which are pending in Family Court

When the Louis Charles Shapiro, P.A. law firm is retained to represent you or a loved one, you are assured that every weapon in attorney Shapiro's arsenal will be used to improve your legal position — from arrest, to bail, before and during trial, and on appeal. Throughout the legal process, you receive maximum access to Mr. Shapiro's knowledge and thoughtful recommendations, honest answers to your questions and openness to your ideas for the proper course of action.

Louis Charles Shapiro comes from a long line of attorneys. He is a third-generation lawyer in his family. He is The Man to See in South Jersey for Serious Criminal Defense.

To set up a free in-person consultation at his Vineland law office, call 856-558-9425 (866-373-6799 toll free), or reach Mr. Shapiro with an email message to set up an appointment.